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EWAVE LX Electric eFoil & Jetboard (2 In 1)

EWAVE LX Electric eFoil & Jetboard (2 In 1)

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EWAVE ushers in a new era for both watersports and motorized surfing to provide a tremendous amount of fun on the water! EWAVE Jet Boards are easy to ride, quiet, reliable, and eco-friendly.

With a top speed of 25 mph, the EWAVE LX Electric eFoil & Jetboard packs plenty of power and can operate for up to 50 minutes on a single charge.

Discover the Future of Water Sports with EWAVE's E-Wave Electric Efoil & Jetboard

Experience the thrill of the next generation of water sports with EWAVE's E-Wave electric efoil and jetboard. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a novice adventurer, the E-Wave series promises unmatched performance and exhilaration on the water.

E-Wave Electric Efoil

Designed for effortless gliding above the water, the E-Wave electric efoil combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design. Its powerful electric motor and hydrofoil wings lift you smoothly above the waves, offering a serene and eco-friendly ride. Perfect for exploring tranquil lakes or riding ocean swells, the E-Wave efoil redefines water recreation.

E-Wave Electric Jetboard

For those seeking speed and agility, the E-Wave electric jetboard delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience. With rapid acceleration and precise maneuverability, this jetboard is ideal for riders who crave excitement on the water. Whether you're racing along coastlines or navigating winding rivers, the E-Wave jetboard offers unparalleled thrills.

E-Wave V2 6000 Jetboard

Introducing the latest innovation from EWAVE, the E-Wave V2 6000 jetboard sets new standards in performance and design. With enhanced stability and advanced propulsion technology, this jetboard ensures a smooth and powerful ride across diverse water conditions.

Explore the E-Wave Series Today

Discover the freedom and excitement of water sports with EWAVE's E-Wave electric efoil and jetboard series. Whether you're seeking serene glides or thrilling speeds, our innovative designs cater to all adventure enthusiasts. Embrace the future of water sports with EWAVE and elevate your aquatic adventures to new heights.

Contact us today to learn more about the E-Wave series and start your journey towards unforgettable water experiences.

To explore our full range of electric water sports products, visit EWAVE

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